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Mod. Post -- { Application }

Everyone, when applying, please use the form below. A moderator or sub-moderator will approve your application or suggest improvements. A regularly updated list of taken or pending characters can be found here. You will be required to make a seperate journal for your character. Once you have finish applying, please friend all other roleplay journals. (Do not friend morningxstorm  unless out of personal interest. It is not a roleplay journal.)

If you do not understand how a roleplay community works, please, check out a great example at: fma_dls . You can also see an invidual roleplay journal from fma_dls: lacedup_bomber .

Name: The identity that you go by out of character.

Regular LJ: So that other members can get to know you. (Optional.)

Roleplay Journal: For the roleplay. xD

Character: Which Full Metal Alchemist character you are interested in roleplaying as. (If you have any questions, such as if an armored character can be in their human form, please leave a note on your application for a moderator or sub-moderator.)

'Full Metal God' Identity: Which immortal, hero, mythological creature, etc. your Full Metal Alchemist character will be. (Take note: this is the name that your chracter will go by. For example, if Edward were to be Hermes, he would go by 'Hermes,' not 'Edward.')

Sample: A sample roleplay so that moderators/sub-moderators can gauge your skill.

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