Win-pin ★ (morningxstorm) wrote in fullmetal_gods,
Win-pin ★

Mod. Post -- { Information }

IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE READING THE COMMUNITY INFORMATION, PLEASE READ THIS POST. I had it brought to my attention by a good friend that the scroll deal is a bit hard to read. This is what it says:

'Welcome to Full Metal Gods, an alternate universe Full Metal Alchemist roleplay based on Greek mythology. Here, all of your favorite characters are immortals (or heroes or mythological creatures, etc.), watching over Earth with each their own special powers and realms.

Please, respect your fellow roleplayers and moderators. All basic roleplaying rules apply. So, please, don't make the gods zap you for being bad. Enjoy!'

P.S. I won't be on tomorrow. neeyxlikexwham and gato_sama can handle any questions, applications, etc. xD; Right, guys?
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